Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'd love to blog, but my brain's in a fog--major project at my job

Started early, worked 'til late

Sat at keyboard 8 to 8

Stared so hard at my computer

Forgot to do Mincha altogether!

This, the day after the Number One Fast!

Hope this project soon is past

Tonight: Rinse

Tomorrow: Repeat

Life at work's not always sweet

One officemate's leaving town for the Sukkot holiday

So I'll be answering phones tomorrow all day

Which, considering this project is still not done

Will be a disaster--oy, such fun

Not much time to play in the sun

Vei iz mir--Gotta run!

I wrote this during a 10-minute break

Didn't know how long this part of the project would take

I actually left the office after 10:30

This is one dog-tired old birdie




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